Small Serves 8-10                        Medium Serves 12-14                   Large Serves 20-22

Bagel & Cream Cheese Trays

Assorted Bagels Displayed on a Tray Accompanied by a Tray of our Assorted Gourmet Cream Cheeses and Butters

Small 49.99        Med: 58.99      Large 75.99

Baked Goods Tray

 Fresh Baked Assorted Muffins, Cookies, and Cinnamon Twirls Presented on a Tray

Small: 62.99         Med: 72.99         Large: 96.99

Bagel and Bakery Tray

Bagel & Muffin Tray - Assorted Bagels with Choice of 8 oz Cream Cheeses, Fresh Baked Goods.

Small : 59.99    Med: 65.99         Large: 88.99

Assorted Sandwich Trays

Choose Bagels, Hoagie Rolls, or Wraps

Small : 67.99       Med: 78.99         Large: 103.99

Add A Condiment Tray

 Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickles, and Assorted Peppers, Mayo, and Mustard:

Small 24.99          Large 29.99

Fruit Tray

Prices Vary with Season

Boxed Lunches

(Minimum 10 people)

Bagel Sandwich, Chips or Coleslaw.  $6.99

Bagel Sandwich, Chips or Coleslaw, Pickle and a Cookie $7.99

Bagel Sandwich, Small Soup, Chips or Coleslaw, and a Piece of Fruit  $10.99 

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